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        伟德betvictor_伟德betvictor手机版_伟德betvictor app下载成立于1991年6月,公司注册资本5080万元,从事建筑幕墙、铝合金门窗、钢结构施工及设计的企业,被国家建设部核定为建筑装饰施工一级资质。公司以现代装饰工程为主,专业从事酒店会所、办公空间、地产商业、体育文化、医疗教育、金融场所等各类公共建筑的室内、外装饰装修工程的设计及施工。

        伟德betvictor_伟德betvictor手机版_伟德betvictor app下载于2007年投资兴建了南京鸿发有色金属制造股份有限公司,基地位于南京市溧水区开发区,占地面积88亩亩,2015年3月我公司已经完成“新三板”挂牌上市,证券代码为:832259。公司集产品研发、工程设计、精密制造、施工安装、咨询服务为一体的幕墙系统一站式解决方案最优质提供商,是独具特色和最具成长性的高新技术企业。





Nanjing Jin Hong Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in June 1991, the company registered capital of 50 million 800 thousand yuan, engaged in building curtain wall, Aluminum Alloy doors and windows, steel structure construction and design companies, by the national Ministry of Construction approved for building decoration construction qualification. Company to the modern decoration engineering, specializing in the design and construction of hotel, office space, commercial real estate, sports culture, medical education, finance and other public places of indoor and outdoor decoration engineering.

Nanjing Jin Hong Decoration Engineering Limited company in 2007 to invest in Nanjing Hongfa nonferrous metal manufacturing Limited by Share Ltd, base is located in Lishui Development Zone, Nanjing City, covers an area of 88 acres, in March 2015 the company has completed the new three board listing, stock code: 832259. The company set product development, engineering design, precision manufacturing, construction and installation, curtain wall system consulting services as one of the most high-quality one-stop solution provider, is a high-tech enterprise with unique characteristics and the growth of most.

The company has 5 extrusion production lines, 4 production lines, 1 oxidation electrophoresis production line, 1 coating production lines, 1 bridge insulation production line, 2 sand production line, 2 solar frame processing production line, covers an area of nearly 60 thousand square meters, more than 200 employees, with an annual output of 10 thousand tons of aluminum. Nanjing and the surrounding area is the largest aluminum suppliers in recent years and a number of patents and a large number of outstanding design award.

The company for 10 consecutive years won the "Chinese Architectural Decoration hundred enterprises" title, has been rated as "trustworthy enterprise", "National Construction Engineering Decoration Award star enterprise", "national building decoration quality service Shuangyou units", "national building decoration industry first AAA grade credit enterprise", "Jiangsu province construction credit management the demonstration enterprise", "Jiangsu Province architectural decoration ten strong enterprises", "Jiangsu Province excellent architectural decoration enterprise", "Nanjing quality management advanced enterprise", "top ten manufacturers Chinese aluminum industry" and other awards. Hongfa industrial profiles in 2008 was designated as the Shenzhou seven vehicles and rescue car aluminum supplier, eventually won industry praise have succeeded in carrying out an assignment.

The research and development work of Jin Hong is committed to the decoration of green building and sustainable building products, the perfect combination of architectural art and engineering technology and continuous innovation, has the construction of the Nanjing Taiwan famous city, Nanjing Qinglongshan mental hospital, Xuzhou Wan joy, canal normal college, Fuzhou poly Spring Garden Hotel and a large number of fine works.

The company has always uphold the "diamond quality, diamond service" concept, to meet customer needs as our greatest pursuit, and further improve customer service approach, and strengthen customer relations management. The company developed a strict sales management approach, each half of the customer satisfaction survey, through customer feedback information timely discover and correct their own problems, improve service levels, to better serve customers after.